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The Ultimate Civil PE Review Course is your gateway to passing the civil PE exam.

You know that passing will launch your career and supercharge your resume to go anywhere you want. Not only are you looking at a pay increase, but you are earning an achievement that some rarely accomplish.

Lucky for you, we've made a course to hold you by the hand to get this done.

Here's what you get by joining the course:

1) 10 excellent course modules that cut the clutter and follow the exact NCEES specifications.

2) Over 400+ video practice problems that you can review any time you want

3) Two 40-question breadth practice exams to test your skills

4) Your depth exam of choice (Construction, Geotech, Structural, Transportation, Water Resources). We made all five and you get your choice of them. Undecided on your depth exam? Take a peak through one and see if it's a good fit.

5) The Ultimate Homework Planner - use this to guide you through the entire study schedule. You know you need one - we made it for you. This baby outlines your recommended homework from the Civil Engineering Practice Problems (CEPP) book from PPI. We detail what weeks and what topics you should be studying.

6) 20 Bonus Theory Questions - these are a HUGE part of the exam. We give you some more exposure to them with this.

7) Various Cheat-sheets - yes, we give you some extra goodies to aid you on your journey. This includes the startup cheat sheet, area conversion cheat sheet, and more.

8) CBT Exam Simulator. As part of the course, you'll get a full-blown 80-question CBT exam simulator. It'll have the same look and feel as the actual exam - codes, standards, and handbook provided on the left, problems on the right, the ability to flag problems, AIT, and more. You'll love this to help you prepare for your exam.

9) LIVE Problem-Solving Workshops - join us as we go LIVE online to solve problems that are submitted to us by our students. We archive these sessions to be only on our course, so you can come back and review them whenever you need more practice!

8) 15-day money-back guarantee. That's right, if you aren't happy with the course or our services, shoot us an email at [email protected], and you'll be fully refunded. It is up to us to pass the test of your satisfaction!

9) PDF downloads of all lecture videos and all our video practice problems.You get access to everything immediately!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started and pass this test!

The course is built off the NCEES specifications for the breadth portion of the exam. It will also help you with your depth based on the breadth topics covered. It is assumed that each student has a copy the new handbook from the NCEES. If not get one on your NCEES account! We still like the CERM and recommend it from PPI including the associated practice problems book called the Civil Engineering Practice Problems (CEPP), which we assign our homework. It's not absolutely required, but if you want homework assignments we'll be giving them from that book.

Everything we cover will refer to equations out of the NCEES handbook so make sure you have that one! You'll also want your codes and standards for your particular depth exam. Those are a must for your studies!

Ready to get going?

Let's do this!

Your Instructor

Isaac Oakeson, PE
Isaac Oakeson, PE

Hi, I'm Isaac Oakeson! I took and passed the civil PE exam in October 2012. I wish I could tell you that I passed it the first time, but I didn't. I'm a repeat taker, so I know the issues that surround that. Fast forward to today, and I've helped thousands of civil engineers take and pass the PE exam. I created and courses for the FE and PE to try and pay it forward to help others pass too! It's now time to help you! Let me guide you through this massive milestone in your life so you can get those initials after your name. There's nothing quite like it!

Course Curriculum

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  FB Group, Live Problem Solving Sessions & Study Groups
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this help me with my depth exam?
Absolutely. While the focus IS on the breadth section of the exam, the portions we do cover for your depth section will help. We also tell you what to do to prepare for your depth section and outline that in The Ultimate Homework Planner.
How long do I have access to the course?
It depends on your access level. You can buy month to month, a six-month plan, or a yearly deal.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us at [email protected] in the first 15 days and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.
Do I need to buy any books for your course?
No books are required for the course, but it is assumed that you will have purchased the Civil Engineering Reference Manual and the Practice Problems that are associated with that book (get both at The "CERM" is THE most common book for the civil PE. Get it. We use it a lot and our recommended homework comes from the Practice Problems. With the exam going CBT we'll also reference the PE Reference Handbook which you can get for free in your NCEES account. You'll also want to get a hold of any code books you need for your own depth section.
What can I print or download?
All videos will have downloadable slides associated with the lectures. You can also download the practice exams and any other related material offered in the "downloads section" associated with your access level. Videos cannot be downloaded as they are proprietary to the site. A PDF of every video practice problem is also downloadable.
Is there a guarantee that I will pass?
While we wish we could guarantee that - passing is really left up to the individual student and is a result of how much work you put into studying and practicing. We do not make a guarantee that you'll pass, but this course will give you a helpful framework for success and depending on your access level you will have plenty of support from us to get there.
Is there a certificate of completion?
Why, yes there is. After you finish the course at 100% you can receive a certificate to share with all of your co-workers. Just let us know you need one :)
How long is the course?
The course has an introduction module, 8 lecture modules (with sub-modules) following the NCEES specifications, and a conclusion module. The videos for each lecture run from 10-40 minutes. So, there's a lot of content. This doesn't include the 200+ video practice problems that run anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes. You'll need time to digest this and that's the point. You should be giving yourself at least 3 months to study hard for the PE exam and we will be here to help every step of the way.
Is the course live or recorded?
The course is made up of recorded lectures and video practice problems that you can view at your own pace. Live lectures or questions can be done as needed, but between the private Facebook community and communicating with the team through email support, we can typically tackle any questions you have or any challenges you need help with very quickly.
Is the PE exam easy?
No. That's why we are here to help you navigate it. First-time takers fail 32-42% of the time. Repeat takers fail over 60% of the time (ouch). Don't worry about the pass rates though - take this course and you'll ace it.

"This was my second time taking the exam. I took it a year ago for the first time after being out of college for over 10 years. I had a huge obstacle to overcome with remembering the course material and educating myself on how to study again. It takes a lot of discipline and time but I really wanted to achieve this PE so I put aside other things in the process. The first go I took the School of PE's pre-recorded course. The notes were great but there were so many long lectures to listen to that I found myself not being able to do any problems in the time that I had, so I pretty much took the test the first time without doing problems. Big mistake! The second time I wanted to switch it up, so I found the Civil Engineering Academy's site and I enrolled in the class. I love it. It's fast paced and provides lots of great notes, sample problems, and a syllabus to you listen to the lectures or do problems in your reference books. Do not just listen - be an active participant. Know your Civil Engineering Reference Manual (CERM) like the back of your hand...I'm so grateful for this course. Isaac did a great job, and I would recommend this course to anybody taking the civil PE exam."

Debi Ann, PE

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