2-Exam Format and Specification Review

This covers the NCEES specifications that they put out as of April 2015 (they were just updated in 2021 with new codes but nothing else). Hit the play button above to get going!

Some take-aways:

1) Make sure you know what depth exam you are going to take before you register and grab the latest specifications.

2) First-time takers have the highest chance of passing, so put in the work to pass the FIRST time. If you are a repeat taker don't get your head down. You can do this! Keep practicing new problems and you'll get there. I promise! We've had students of the course pass after 6 to 8 attempts so don't get down. You've got this!

3) Buy your resources NOW! Including your approved calculator. Get familiar with it and use it every chance you can while studying.

4) Download the NCEES Exam Guide. Become familiar with it. Know what you can and can't bring into the exam, understand ALL of your individual states requirements (division of professional licensing), and get registered with your State and the NCEES. You don't want to sweat the small details so know where to park, what you're going to eat for lunch, etc. It's time to get going!

5) With the CBT exam you'll have access to the new PE Reference Handbook (use it often) and the codes/standards that they list. Each will be a searchable document. Grab the new PE Reference Handbook in your NCEES account. It's free! The codes you'll have to bed, borrow, or steal (ok don't steal) a copy of them. If you can get a PDF version great! If not, that's fine too. You just need to use them and get familiar with them. ALL depth exams list codes now (sorry water resource folks).

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